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(translated from Spanish): I would like to ask for your opinion regarding the best positioning of the baby while breastfeeding. I know that it is said that breastfeeding outwards is the most comfortable, and with this we would avoid the back to the baby, but for me, the breastfeeding with my baby facing me is the most comfortable. However, if I need to carry my baby in my arms for any reason, is it safe for the baby or not? A: Absolutely not. There's no known benefit to it. Anything that is not strictly in the reference position should be avoided if you can possibly do without. The first of the two American Academy of Pediatrics position statements you linked contains a small amount of information on the subject, but it concludes: All other positions, including "hands-free" and "hands-on" positions, carry a small risk of detachment or obstruction of the breast and are not recommended. The other AAP statement I linked contains a much more detailed discussion. The main bit of information for your question is this: When feeding in a seated position with the mother, the baby should be positioned facing away from her so that her breast is the highest point in her field of view. See how you can't do that with a baby face-to-face with you? The only place that may be safe is when she is sleeping, but I'd still recommend that she be positioned so that her back is the highest point of her field of view, so that she is not lying down or sleeping face-to-face with a baby. Liquid crystal display devices have been widely used as, for example, a display of a personal computer and so forth. Further, they have been expected to be used as a display of a portable electronic device in the future. In the liquid crystal display device, since an image display is carried out by utilizing a light transmittance of liquid crystals, various methods have been developed to improve a light transmittance of the liquid crystals. As a method of improving a light transmittance of the liquid crystals, it is important to make a phase transition from the liquid crystal phase to the isotropic phase by making the temperature of the liquid crystals as low as possible. Therefore, there has been developed a liquid crystal composition containing a liquid crystal compound in which a phase transition temperature is low and which has a high nematic phase-is




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Khakishadowsbykmarifpdffreedownload (Latest)

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